Experience more than
ordinary accommodation!

  • In-Room/Outdoor Dining Experience
  • Thai Weekend Retreat
  • The Golfer Weekend Retreat
  • The Aviator Weekend Retreat
  • Cluj City Walking Tour
  • Surprise Getaway

In-Room/Outdoor Dining Experience

An exquisite 3-course meal can be just a request away...

Enjoy one night of amazing accommodation with a private jacuzzi rooftop terrace. Add to that a romantic in-room/ outdoor dining experience and you will not forget for sure the night spent with us.
Once you booked one of our apartments, we will send you culinary options to choose from. While you relax on the rooftop terrace in the bubbly jacuzzi, a chef will prepare your favourite food. Once the order is arranged a waiter will arrive at your apartment and assemble the dishes. With our in-room dining service, each course is accompanied by a glass of hand-selected wine. And the process is completely taken care of by us, from the beginning to the end. So you can enjoy the gourmet experience without any trace of effort.

*price starting from 400 euro

Explore In-Room Dining Package 

– minimum 1 night accommodation
– jacuzzi rooftop terrace
– exquisite 3 course meal (wine included)
– in-room dinning service

*if the weather permits, the dinner can take place on our rooftop terrace with the panoramic city view at your feet

Thai Weekend Retreat

Retreat in a tranquil getaway for the weekend.

Focusing on yourself and your well-being is one of the most important things to keep in mind and take care of. From time to time, pampering yourself with a weekend of relaxation is right what you need. And why not by doing this:
● experience a 1.5 hour meditation and yoga class that brings together the mind and the body, a place where you can reconnect with your inner self.
● spoil yourself and your loved one with an authentic 90 min Thai couple massage aimed to stimulate your senses and give you a deep feeling of relaxation.
● end the day relaxing in the rooftop jacuzzi terrace while the panorama of the city enchanting your eyes.

*price starting from 800 euro

Explore Thai Weekend Retreat Package

– minimum 2 nights accommodation
– jacuzzi rooftop terrace
– 1.5 h meditation & yoga class
– 90min authentic thai massage

The Golfer Weekend Retreat

Passionate about golf?

Whether you’re planning a couple getaway or a family trip, make it unforgettable for you and your loved ones.

Imagine suddenly driving on a secluded winding road, in the midst of the forest and reaching a secret meadow…That’s where you will find SunGarden Golf & SPA Resort – a lost paradise. The holes are diverse in style and setting. And at the end of the day, all that remains for you to do is unwinding on the intimate rooftop terrace watching the sunset painting the city in shades of red from your own private jacuzzi.

*price starting from 800 eur

Explore The Golfer Weekend Retreat Package

– minimum 2 nights accommodation
– jacuzzi rooftop terrace
– car transfer to Sungarden Golf & Spa Resort
– a golf round (9 holes, 33 total par & 2418 yards golf course)

The Aviator Weekend Retreat

See Cluj from a different perspective

This a perfect opportunity for lovers of adrenaline, but also for couples or families interested in experiencing a unique adventure. Pick one of the following: glider flight or hot air balloon. And together with our partners, we will organize for you a wonderful seen from above view of Cluj.

Although relatively unknown to the general public, gliding is the oldest aeronautical sport and enjoys a long tradition in Romania. If you want to choose something quieter and more relaxing, we recommend the hot air balloon instead. Rising between 60 and 300 meters, the balloons can fly a little over the tops of the trees or even over ten thousand meters. It flies with the speed of the wind and in a balloon, 4 passengers and the pilot can fly.

*price starting from 1000 eur

Explore The Aviator Weekend Retreat Package

– minimum 2 nights accommodation
– jacuzzi rooftop terrace
– car transfer for the activities
– gliding over the city or hot air baloon experience

Cluj City Walking Tour

Explore every corner of the city..

Interested in history and architecture? For a minimum of 2 nights stay at Executive Apartments you can spoil yourself in a private jacuzzi rooftop terrace with a panoramic city view at night and a city walking tour during the day.

Take the tourist experience to a whole new level and discover the best of Cluj as a destination, together with an expert local guide that can speak several foreign languages. Based on how much time you can spare us, we can book basic/half-day or even all-day guided city tours.This is a great opportunity for you to find out the most amazing stories about the culture and heritage of our vibrant city.

*price starting from 600 eur

Explore Cluj City Walking Tour Package

– minimum 2 nights accommodation
– jacuzzi rooftop terrace
– car transfer to the city center
– half day or full day city walking tour

*we can also organize day trips to Cluj surroundings: Salina Turda, Banffy Castel or even Cheile Turzii etc.

Surprise Getaway

Something to celebrate?

Don’t let it be just one night of accommodation, make it a surprise getaway for your loved one! Enjoy your stay in a unique designed apartment which comes along with a private jacuzzi rooftop terrace and the panoramic city view of Cluj-Napoca. Sprinkle on top of all these, a surprise celebration for your special someone.
It can be an upcoming birthday or anniversary, an important milestone with the team at work or just a great getaway from all the worries. We can take care of the romantic candlelight dinner, a sweet surprise to go with, make sure the champagne is cold and bubbly and even bring flowers and balloons if you request, in order to create a memorable experience for you and your special ones.

*price starting from 500 eur

Explore The Surprize Getaway Package

– minimum 1 night accommodation
– jacuzzi rooftop terrace
– candlelight dinner
– cake & champagne

*Please keep in mind that the rooftop terrace can accommodate a maximum of 4 people at once